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Episode 53: Uthman Ibn Affan - The 10 Companions who were given glad tidings of Paradise|Br Mohamed Trad

April 10, 2021

Today's podcast is on the life of the 3rd Sahaba r.a. mentioned in the hadith of glad tidings of paradise and the 3rd Khalifah of Islam, Uthman ibn Affan r.a.

We all know about him r.a. as shy and handsome person. However, not much has been talked about his achievements as Khalifah and his steadfasntness when it came to impelemting Islam comprehensively in the land. This aspect of his life seems to be pale in comparison with that of previous two Khulafah, Abu Bakar r.a. and Umar r.a., but in reality it is not. It is equally important and is to be learnt by all muslims on this earth.

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Abu Bakar Siddique r.a.
Umar ibn Khattab r.a.

Listen to Br Mohamed Trad touch upon the character and accomplishments of Uthman ibn Affan r.a. in this podcast as he briefly walks through his Seerah.

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