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Episode 54: Ali Ibn Abi Talib - The 10 Companions who were given glad tidings of Paradise | Br Mohamed Trad

June 15, 2021

Resuming our podcast series on the topic of "The 10 companions who were given glad tidings of Paradise", today's talk will be on 4th companion in the hadith, the 4th Khaleefah of Khulafah-ur-Rashidoon, Ali ibn Abi Talib R.A.

Ali R.A was known to be of a strong personality, a very good fighter and a trustworthy/eminent judge by previous 2 Khulafah under their leadership. He is also father of offsprings only through whom the lineage of Rasoolullah s.a.w survived. However, there is much more to his life and achievements than these which is summarized very well in this podcaat.

Listen to this podcast by Br Mohamed Trad on lineage and life of Ali ibn Abi Talib R.A.

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