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Episode 58: Muharram, Hijra and the birth of the Islamic State - Br Soadad Doureihi

August 24, 2021
Muharram, the new year, a pledge, and the significance of the Hijri migration.
Being in the blessed month of Muharram (1443AH), let us reflect on its significance of being chosen as the beginning of the Islamic calendar.
- The beginning of the Islamic Calendar was adopted during the rule of Umar (ra). When the lands began to expand so far, they needed a reference time when he began to issue written orders to his governors. Ie. Abu Musa al-Ashary (ra) complained that Umar's letters needed to be dated.
- A second reason for initiating the Hijri date was when a complaint over a debt reached Umar (ra). They knew the month but were confused over the year, so Umar decided to introduce the calendar.
- After consulting with the companions, they agreed that the Hijri migration should be the starting point.
- The reason Hijrah (migration) was chosen over other significant Islamic events was because it was considered the most essential event that established the Islamic nation and separated between truth and evil.
More on these points in this episode!

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