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Episode 52: Umar Ibn Al Khattab - The 10 Companions who were given glad tidings of Paradise|Br Mohamed Trad

March 7, 2021

Continuing the series of podcasts we started from last podcast on the topic of "The 10 companions who were given glad tidings of Paradise", this podcast is on the life of the 2nd Sahaba r.a. mentioned in the hadith of glad tidings of paradise, in that order, Umar Ibn Al Khattab r.a., the 2nd Khalifah of Islam.

Click here to listen to first podcast of the series, on Abu Bakar r.a

We all know Umar r.a as a strong built tall man having firm head on his shoulder, short tempered and being a good wrestler. We also know how he came about embracing Islam. However, what is not very widespread is his upbringing, his attitude towards muslims before embracing Islam, his very kind hearted nature behind his strong personality and his achievements as a Khalifah.

In this podcast listen to Br Mohamed Trad dig briefly into the Seerah of Umar r.a. and touch upon all the above mentioned aspects of his life.

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